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Air Duct Cleaning Service-Dryer Vent Specialists Olde Town, Arvada, CO

Dryer Vent-Cleaning | Olde Town

Denver Dryer Vent Specialists cleans dryer vents when there is condensation inside dryer door. This might possibly occur if there is excess dryer lint in the dryer vent exhaust pipe. If there is a severe buildup of lint in the vent pipe it will hinder the dryer's ability to move the hot air with the condensation init to the outside. This will cause the condensation to remain in the dryer causing the clothes to remain wet and a puddle of water to be in the dryer as well.

Dryer Vent-Birds Nest Removal | Olde Town

Help!!! There is no air coming out of outside dryer vent. If you have recently passed by the dryer vent outside and have noticed that there is little to no air coming out of the pipe there is a good chance that there is a clog in the exhaust pipe somewhere. This could be from a family of birds that have decided to make your vent pipe a home and to help keep the eggs warm while they are out. Denver Dryer Vent Specialists will come by and do an inspection of the vent and if there is birds nest in the way safely and humanely remove it.

Dryer Vent-Repairs and Reroutes | Olde Town

Sometimes things just go bad. During our initial inspection we might come across a section(s) of your vent pipe that might be damaged in some way. It might be crushed by being stepped on or the way it ways installed. Whatever the reason sometimes these repairs or reroutes might need to be done as well to maximize the airflow of the system. We carry everything on our trucks for all situations. 

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