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Air Duct Cleaning Service-Dryer Vent Specialists Five Points, Denver, CO 

Dryer Vent-Cleaning | Five Points

Dryer vent cleaning pricing is based on several factors that the technician will evaluate during the free video inspection. A few of the factors are:

  • House age

  • Stories in the house

  • Where the dryer vent exits the house

This is just a small list of the things the scheduler will ask for during the initial call to the office. If there are more problems with the system the technician will advise you, and you can decide on what you would like the technician to do.

Dryer Vent-Birds Nest Removal | Five Points

There are birds living in your house and you are not sure where they might be. You search the internet for bird nest removal from house and dryer vent cleaning service comes up. Upon speaking with them you find out that we can do it and you schedule a technician to find and remove the nest. 

Dryer Vent-Repair and Reroute | Five Points

Sometimes after the technician has done his free video inspection or the clean out he might find a repair or a reroute that should be done and that could add to the dryer vent cleaning cost. However, these repairs are only at the behest of the customer. If the customer denies the repair they will leave after all authorized projects have been completed. 

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