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Air Duct Cleaning Service-Dryer Vent Specialists Welby, CO 

Dryer Vent-Cleaning | Welby 80229

Dryer duct cleaning costs can sky rocket if the vents are not cleaned on a regular basis. What can happen if the dryer vent is not cleaned periodically is that it can actually cause damage to the dryer itself. This means a Kenmore dryer not drying will probably be because the heating unit of the dyer burnt out due to lack of proper air flow from the dryer to the outside. The heat just continued to build until the unit stopped heating. This will make the simple cost of the duct cleaning cost go way up. Now not only does the dryer vent need duct cleaning but the dryer will also need to be repaired and that can be expensive. SAVE money and have a Denver Dryer Vent technician by to do a dryer vent cleaning inspection today.

Dryer Vent-Birds Nest Removal | Welby 80229

Does the dryer vent exhaust port on the side of home look like this? If it does what is there to stop animals from entering the pipe and dying there or building a nest. If a bird has decided that the side dryer vent would make a great place to raise a family then you are in luck, because Denver Dryer Vent can remove it and fix the dryer duct vent so that no more animals can access the home through the duct.

Dryer Vent-Repair and Reroute | Welby 80229

There are many ways that dryer vents can go. They go up, down, and to the side. Sometimes a duct could could be even longer or have more turns than is necessary. If the technician finds this out he would suggest a reroute to shorten the pipe. If it is too long for the home it can make the dryer work to hard which could potentially damage the dryer. 

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