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Air Duct Cleaning Service-Dryer Vent Specialists Park Hill, Denver, CO 

Dryer Vent-Cleaning | Park HIll

All we do is a clothes dryer vent cleaning service and everything related to them. Since that is all we do we specialize in them and we do it better than anyone else. We also do a free video inspection before we do anything and allow the client to decide if they wish to proceed or not.  

Dryer Vent-Birds Nest Removal | Park HIll

Sometimes during the free inspection the technician is not able to to insert the camera into the dryer vent opening in the house due to the amount of lint in the duct he will need to go outside and check the outside duct for blockage there. As he is checking he might find a birds nest in the duct that will need to removed as well. This will be part of the invoice that the technician will provide to the client before any work is done. The technician will only do those items that are given permission to by the client.

Dryer Vent-Repair and Reroute | Park HIll

Sometimes after the technician has done his free video inspection or the clean out he might find a repair or a reroute that should be done and that could add to the dryer vent cleaning cost. However, these repairs are only at the behest of the customer. If the customer denies the repair they will leave after all authorized projects have been completed. 

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